Privacy Policy

Bid Chips, together with its various related companies (collectively, "Bid Chips") own and operate. Bid Chips has implemented this privacy policy ("Policy") to properly handle the Personal Data (as defined below) provided to or obtained by Bid Chips through the Website. Bid Chips may modify the Policy to reflect changes in applicable law or for any other reasons deemed necessary by Bid Chips. Any modifications to the Policy shall apply immediately upon such modified Policy being posted on the Website. By accepting the Policy when registering for an account on our Website (the "Account") in order to use the services provided through the Website (the "Services"), you expressly consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your Personal Data (as defined below) as described in this Policy. For the purposes of this Policy, the term "you" and "your" shall include (i) the representative(s) of the company who are authorized to access the Website and use the Services and (ii) the company itself.



Bid Chips respects your privacy. For our business, Bid Chips will collect, store and use your Personal Data (as defined below) for defined purposes. Bid Chips uses your Personal Data (as defined below) to support and enhance our relationship with you, for example, to enable the sale of your products, to process your purchases, to contact you to resolve any issues, to provide service and support, and share information with you. Please contact Bid Chips at if you have any questions or concerns on this.



Bid Chips asks for specific types of Personal Data (as defined below), which enables Bid Chips to adequately identify you, process your sale or your purchase, provide services to you, enhance your site visit, respond to requests for information, support your relationship with Bid Chips, assist you with technical support issues and/or to follow up with you after your visit to the Website.

Bid Chips collects data through your interactions with Bid Chips, such as when:

  • you visit the Website and use the Services provided through the Website

  • you register for an Account

  • an order is placed to purchase products

  • products are placed with Bid Chips for sale

  • an enquiry is made or feedback is given

Bid Chips may ask for and/or obtain some of the following data: your name, address, e-mail address, IP address, phone number(s), occupation, designation, national identification number(s), order history, credit card information and other bank details, referrals, and other information that is needed to process your transaction or request. Bid Chips may also collect demographic information including details of your business or company, age, gender, and product sale or purchase history. Collectively, the items described herein are "Personal Data".

Bid Chips may collect information relating to your online interactions with Bid Chips (including, but not limited to, your IP address, the pages you view, website links and advertisements that you click on) so that Bid Chips can offer you a more consistent and personalized experience with Bid Chips and better serve your needs by tailoring the content, services and marketing material that Bid Chips shares with you.

Your Personal Data may be held or stored in any or a combination of the following, in the US or outside of US:

  • Computer systems;

  • Cloud systems;

  • Electronic databases;

  • Digital archives;

  • Telephone recordings;

  • Hard copy or paper files.

These storage mechanisms may be managed by Bid Chips or by a third party service provider with whom Bid Chips has a contractual relationship. Bid Chips will take all reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.



The Personal Data you provide will be kept confidential and will only be stored, used, and disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected or as otherwise permitted by applicable law. It is collected and processed for the following general purposes or for other lawful business purposes:

  • To process your purchase

  • To fulfill requests for products and services

  • To improve our products and services

  • To contact you

  • To prevent and/or to avoid fraud and other prohibited or illegal activities

  • To protect the security or integrity of the Website, our business, our products or services

  • To customize our communication with you and the marketing materials Bid Chips shares with you

  • To improve and develop our Website in order to better provide our services to you



Your Personal Data may be shared with other Bid Chips entities, agents or contractors performing services for Bid Chips to the extent necessary in order for Bid Chips to provide services to its customers. If so, Bid Chips will seek to ensure that your Personal Data is only used in connection with the functions these parties will be performing for Bid Chips and that all such information is treated in a confidential manner. Bid Chips will disclose your Personal Data to the extent required by applicable law, if ordered or required to do so by a court or relevant enforcement authority, or to ensure that Bid Chips is in compliance with its legal obligations.



To request any update or correction of your Personal Data, please contact Bid Chips at: Email address: Contact person: [Kelley Britton-Kant] Upon receipt of your request and within a reasonable period of time, Bid Chips will make the requested update or correction or cease to process your Personal Data accordingly.



In order to provide you with a customized experience, Bid Chips uses Bid Chips and third party "cookies" to help Bid Chips determine which information is relevant and to enhance your experience when you interact with Bid Chips.



Please be aware that other websites including sites that may be accessed through our site, e.g., via a hyperlink, may collect personal information about you. This privacy statement does not cover the information practices of those third-party sites linked to the Website.


Additional Information

If you have asked to be contacted by one of Bid Chips's partners, Bid Chips will need to provide them with your contact details. This information will not be shared with any other party and will be forwarded to that partner for the sole purpose of allowing them to contact you. Personal Data obtained from you is held and processed in accordance with all applicable laws and consistently with this Policy.